Kenneth L. McAlister

Kenneth L. McAlister is a native to the City of Fort Worth. For two years, Ken pursued his original dream of becoming a fighter pilot at the Naval Academy until he realized that his dreams had changed. In his letter of resignation to the Naval Academy, Ken said that he needed to serve his country in another way. After working as a child protective social worker for what is now known as the Department of Human Services, Ken applied and was accepted to Texas Tech School of Law. His early aspirations of becoming a fighter pilot were abandoned and replaced with a long-term career as an attorney.

Ken began his practice working as a commercial trial lawyer for McLean Sanders Price Head and Ellis and then for Shannon Gracey Ratliff and Miller. After practicing for 14 years, Ken left his commercial litigation practice to become a solo family law practitioner and continued to serve his community in his family law practice for over 20 years. His experience as a social worker enabled him to understand the human aspects of family law and the importance of listening to his clients and building a foundation for the children affected by divorce and child custody matters. In 2010, Ken made another significant career change in his legal practice. Ken used the knowledge gained in commercial litigation to move into real estate law and, after some years of learning the practice, began a title company with two trusted co-owners.

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Practicing law, and in particular practicing trial law, gave Ken the opportunity to help people in a way that was unique and extremely valuable, and that opportunity was a gift that needed to be shared with the upcoming generations of attorneys. Ken began mentoring early into his career, meeting with young attorneys, and his ambition to share grew with his legal practice. Ken was named Mentor of the Year by the Tarrant County Young Lawyers Association in 2017. Ken dedicated even more of his time to mentoring by assisting new attorneys at the courthouse and eventually by joining the Transition to Practice Program of the Tarrant County Bar Association. Even outside of his legal practice, Ken found a way to give back to his community. For over 20 years Ken has been a mentor for the Outdoor Mentoring Program for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, which was and is one of the most rewarding experiences in his life.

Aside from being an attorney, Ken managed to keep his first and more important job as “dad” a top priority. Ken has been married to Pamela McAlister for 43 years and has two beautiful daughters, Kelly and Kathleen. He is still amazed that each year with his family is better than the last. Ken was active in his daughters’ pursuits and extracurricular activities of dance and soccer. He coached, then managed, his daughter’s soccer teams and served as a director and president of the Fort Worth Youth Soccer Association. After his girls were out of high school, Ken’s activities evolved into something more suited to his tastes: hunting and marksmanship.

Ken is a member of the Texas Bar, Tarrant County Bar, Tarrant County Family Law Bar Associations, and the American Board of Trial Advocates. Ken has been board certified in Civil Trial law for over 20 years.